Attend THS


We are back! In-Person Sangha is starting July 3rd!

There are some VERY IMPORTANT GUIDELINES for this:

We absolutely understand and respect your wishes regarding masking and will broadcast live via our facebook group, as always, for anyone not comfortable with mask-optional gatherings!

You must RSVP, or arrive before 6pm, and in either case agree to optional masking if you wish to attend in-person.

Please read for an explanation of our above requirements: Our host facility for over a decade has been the lovely community of the UUCG. As a forward thinking community who typically exceeds current guidelines for Covid to protect their community and be responsible citizens, they recently went to a system of group gatherings whereby they utilize an anonymous voting system to respect everyone’s wishes while also protecting their privacy. If anyone votes to mask, then all in attendance are required to mask.  If nobody does, the group can go without masks. To that end, I let them know we would utilize a hybrid of agreeing to mask optional before hand, and also closing to the general public for the event.  This covers their protocols and our wishes to be mask optional for in-person and video available for those who don’t wish to be mask optional.  I hope this better explains our reasoning and makes it clear that UUCG and THS are both doing all that we can to make events as “normal” as possible, but also comfortable for each person’s preferences.  We deeply hope to see you in-person when your comfort level allows it!

Two Hands Sangha is a Buddhist Meditation Community which meets to train the heart and mind to respond to life with mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion. Join us each week as we connect to explore the ways in which these teachings can be applied to your daily life to help alleviate suffering of all kinds. All are welcome, regardless of your level of experience. We offer this practice time freely. Donations are always welcome and never required.

Please let us know you’re coming to visit through our preferred method – MeetUp!  Just click here to RSVP!  Or use the form below if you prefer.

Whether you’re a Buddhist looking for a Sangha in Gwinnett County, or you would just like to try learning how to meditate, we invite you to join us any time! No experience required. Just check our Calendar, meet the attendance requirements, and come say hello!


Sunday(s) from 6pm-8pm (in-person starting July 3rd)


Dress comfortably, Bring an open heart and mind, and a meditation cushion if you have one (we have plenty of chairs and some cushions).


Unitarian Universalist Church of Gwinnett
12 Bethesda Church Rd
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
Phone – (585) 348-PATH (7284)
Email us:


NONE! We accept and encourage Dana (Donations) if you would like to support the UU Church for providing us with the space we meet in, and for us to buy things like cushions, but there is no cost to join us and no judgement if you choose not to donate! We’d love to have you sit with us.


Our typical format is:

6:00pm – Arrive and settle in.
6:05pm – 20 minute Guided Meditation.
6:25pm – 10 minute Walking Meditation.
6:35pm – 20 minute Silent Mediation.
6:55pm – Dharma talk, optional Q&A and/or sharing.
7:59pm – Moment of quiet, before we close.

The guided meditation is the simplest to explain, as it is guided! We’ll instruct people on what to do as we do it.
The walking meditation consists of walking either inside or outside the facility. We will invite the bell to ring once, then proceed in walking meditation. Typically, this is done by taking one step for each in breath and one for each out breath, though you may walk as you wish. Unless other instruction is given, we generally focus on our in breath and out breath as well as the full awareness of our steps.
The Silent Meditation is usually a suggested upright posture allowing for other forms as needed, and typically also focuses on the breath, although sometimes there are additional instructions. You do not need to be of any particular level or capability to join us.
Sharing in our group is optional. We’ll try to produce a video soon to post here that will describe everything we do.

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