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A very important aspect of Buddhism is that the Dharma is offered freely. Two Hands Sangha proudly carries this tradition onward and values it as a practice. Also traditional in Buddhism is the practice known as Dana (Generosity). This is how the Dharma has been offered for over 2500 years. Free to you if you wish to accept, and supported by you if you wish to donate.

At Two Hands Sangha, we use donations to pay for new meditation cushions, whatever modest needs the group has for it’s group meetings such as tea or candles (also usually donated), and then when or if there are funds available after sustaining the group, we proudly offer them in useful ways in support of our greater community. This could take the form of assisting a member in attending a retreat or in donating funds to a relief organization or human rights foundation.

While we accept dana at our group meditations on Sundays and at other events, a portion of those donations goes to support the Unitarian Church that allows us to use their space.  All proceeds donated here benefit the Sangha and it’s community causes entirely.

We are so grateful to you for accepting our community and it’s dharma offerings, and equally grateful if you choose to support our group through your generosity!

Warmest regards,
Rev. George

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