Day of Mindfulness

img_8605Each February Two Hands Sangha participates in the Sharon Salzburg 28 Day Meditation Challenge to help members establish a daily sitting practice, if they don’t have one, or strengthen it if they do.

As today is the last day of the Challenge, we are looking ahead to our Annual Day of Mindfulness!  Normally we do this on the Sunday immediately following the end of February. This year, due to scheduling conflicts, we have scheduled it for Marche 12th.

As always, this will take place at the UUCG in Lawrenceville GA.  We will begin at 1pm, with a short opening discussion about the day and the Challenge.  We will follow that with alternating Walking and Sitting meditation in Silence for the remainder of the day, except at the end of the day when we will have another discussion about the practice of the day. The plan, currently, is to also have a Mindful Meal together at some point during the afternoon or evening.

No fee is required, but Dana/Donations are ALWAYS welcome and a suggested amount is $15.  No one will be turned away regardless of funds.

This is a great way to enjoy a much more in depth practice that isn’t always easy to achieve in your daily routine, and is often used as a great way to dip your toe in the water of what a retreat is like for people who are considering going to a retreat but are nervous about lengthy meditations. Often, people tell me they really are interested in a retreat, but they fear that they can’t meditate so long.  There is often this idea that a retreat is all day long sitting. This is a great way to both dispel that myth, and see how you do with a single day of a retreat style atmosphere.

We would love to have you join us on March 12th at 1pm!  Oh, and please feel free to attend for whatever portion you wish if you can’t make the day, but try to make the commitment to be there all day if possible.  If you must arrive late, or leave early, then by all means please do, just do so quietly and mindfully to respect the other practitioners and your own mindfulness cultivated during the day.

Thank you, to everyone who has ever attended THS for helping make this Sangha what it is.  We also recently crossed the five year mark as a Sangha! Each person who has ever walked through the doors for our Sangha has helped make it the supportive community that it is today!

Day of Mindfulness | March 12th | 12 Bethesda Church Rd, Lawrenceville GA | 1pm-8pm

_/|\_ ❤

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