Email is Emptiness, Emptiness is Email

After MONTHS of our email being down, I believe I have it functioning again!  It’s a long boring story as to why it was down in the first place, but it was.  And now it’s not.  As of right now, info @ twohandssangha . org should be functioning once more.

In other news, next week is Family Dharma Night and we’ll be discussing the Eight Worldly Winds, those vicissitudes!  If all goes well, we’re going to illustrate how they work via a physical example we will make together with all ages.  Then examine where on that example we want to be.  Should be very fun and educational!

We’ve had a few of our members move away, and they are all reporting that they are doing well.  And as they move on, we welcome the new members that have come recently, and are just working out when they will come visit for the first time!

Lastly, I got clearance from the facility to hold a Day of Mindfulness in 2015, and I’m VERY excited about it.  We’re going to have a 28 Day Meditation Challenge and explore the book Real Happiness to help get your daily practice started or strengthened, then we’ll end it with a Day of Mindfulness which is like a one day retreat.  It will be fun!!



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